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For your convenience, visit one of the locations to get your fingerprints captured for FBI Channeling. Once fingerprinted, you'll need to fax your FBI Criminal Report Request form to our office for processing (614.457.8930). Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions at 877.932.2435.

 Fingerprint Capture

In order to obtain an expedited FBI background check through our FBI Channeling Department, fingerprint submission is required. Save time by getting your fingerprints captured electronically at a FastFingerprints location in the following cities:

  • California: San Francisco
  • All major cities in Florida
  • Kentucky: Erlanger
  • New York: New York City
  • All major cities in Ohio
  • Texas: Dallas, Irving, Houston, League City
  • Delaware: Newark
  • North Carolina: Charlotte
  • Tennessee: Memphis
  • Washington, D.C.

Click here for addresses and hours of operations. Walk-ins welcome!

 Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprinting on Cards: FastFingerprints, a National Background Check, Inc. company, can also capture electronic fingerprints and then transfer the images to a fingerprint card (FD-258). This fingerprinting process is superior to the ink method and greatly reduces the risk of rejected fingerprints. These fingerprint cards can be used to to apply for an out of state license, or to obtain an FBI Background Check through our FBI Channeling service. Fingerprint Card services are available at the following locations nationwide:

 Livescan Fingerprinting

Ohio BCI and/or FBI Livescan Fingerprinting: FastFingerprints, a National Background Check, Inc. company, offers an enhanced WebCheck system known as National WebCheck (NWC) to capture and submit electronic fingerprint data to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (BCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This service is utilized for individuals requiring a fingerprint based background check for employment or licensing within the state of Ohio. Click Here for a list of all Ohio locations and services.

Florida Livescan Fingerprinting: FastFingerprints provides Florida Level 2 Livescan fingerprints, which are submitted electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Many individuals are required to obtain a Livescan fingerprint based background check for employment or licensing within the state of Florida. Click Here to visit one of our convenient FastFingerprints locations throughout the state of Florida for a quick and efficient fingerprinting solution. If you are an out-of-state resident and need fingerprinting for a Florida Level 2 Livescan background check, click here for a list of locations nationwide.

Card Scanning

Ohio Card Scanning: FastFingerprints uses the latest technology to digitally scan fingerprint cards, and transmit the data to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Results take a matter of days, instead of weeks or months and are mailed directly to the requested organization. This service can be utilized for in state and out-of-state individuals that are required to have a background check for Ohio legislated purposes or an Ohio employment requirement.

Florida Card Scanning: FastFingerprints can submit FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258) electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The Florida Fingerprint Card Scanning service can be performed for individuals not currently living in the state of Florida, but require a Florida Level 2 Livescan background check. Click Here for more information.

To obtain a Fingerprint Kit, click here.

 Background Check Investigations
National Background Check, Inc. can provided additional non-fingerprint based background check information through our Background Check Investigation Division. The following services can assist you to make an informed decision:

  • Civil Record Search – The Civil Record Search Report is completed at the county level. This report will provide information about lawsuits to which the applicant is – or has been – a party.
  • Criminal Background Search – The Criminal Background Search Report can be completed at the county, state, and national levels. This report will detail any convictions both misdemeanors and/or felonies the individual may have had.
  • Driving History Search – The Driving History Search Report returns the driving history of the individual. Some states require an additional release form to be signed by the individual.
  • Federal Criminal Report – The Federal Criminal Report details any criminal history the individual has at the federal level.
  • Nationwide Sexual Offender Search – The Nationwide Sexual Offender Search is completed at the national level. This reports whether an individual has been convicted and reported as a sex offender in any state.
  • SSN Verification – The SSN Verification provides confirmation whether a name and social security number combination match and are valid.

Click Here to download the registration/order form.

 Drug Screening
Drug Screening: FastFingerprints provides 5-panel and/or 10-panel oral or urine on-site drug screening with fast results and lab confirmation. Drug Screenings are only available at the Columbus Bethel Road (oral or urine), Beachwood (oral only) and Westlake (oral only) locations. Walk-ins are accepted during restricted hours. Visit www.fastfingerprints.com for more information or call us at 877.932.2435.

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